Lady Huntsman


     When Cherry was only fourteen, she was married off to the horrible Lord Norman Huntsman.  His contempt for her was evident.  He had only married her to give him sons, beyond that he had no interest in her, so she tried to make the best of her life.  Things got easier after the children were born, she adored them.  But when the Twelfth Infantry arrived outside and made it evident they had no intention of going anywhere, she knew her husband's shady dealings had been worse than she ever could have imagined, treason.  He had forfeited their lives, but with an offer of mercy from the King, Norman surrenders to spare the lives of his men and family.  Though Norman's problems have come to an end, Cherry fears hers are only beginning as she finds herself married to the man who executed Norman, but she will do anything to spare the lives of her children.

Release date 7-17-2020

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The Wrong Life

ISBN-13: 978-1944174491

     Daisy Carson's life had begun with a rocky start, but now as she turned sixteen, her life seemed to be clear sailing.  All she had to do was finalize her career choices and pick a college, what could be easier?  Even graduating posed no concern.  Then she was awoken in the middle of the night to a fire, sending her life spiraling out of her control.  Before she knows what happened, she finds herself running away, desperate to be anywhere but where she is, alone in the dark, hiding by a dumpster, in desperate need of a friend.

Fan review

     Five Star - Mrs. Lindmark does a remarkable job of creating characters with heart, flaws, and dimension. She also does a phenomenal job at driving a story along at a good pace without being bogged down with over describing a scenario. Some of the characters in this story can be a little abrasive, however, if you understand why they think that way, then a reader can understand why the characters act the way they do. Well done, Mrs. Lindmark, well done.  Kindle Customer

An Accident of Faith

ISBN-13: 978-1944174477


     Rachel prayed to God to be delivered from her problems.  This was not a new prayer.  She had been praying for deliverance for as long as she could remember.  She was a woman of faith and she believed that God had everything planned perfectly.  All that was left for her to do was to serve God and her fellow man to the best of her ability.  Her chief responsibility was raising her little brother Samuel to be a good and obedient servant of God, and right now she just felt that was impossible in Atlanta.  It had become so overcrowded, with a nasty, criminal element creeping in.  So she had prayed about it and discussed it with her neighbors and it was decided all that was left for her and Samuel to do was to go out West and find their uncle, but this only created more problems.  Could they even find him as his last known address was over eight years old?  And what would they do if they could not?

Fan reviews

     Five Star - In this case, yes. One of the characters in this book (to me) has no redeeming qualities. Mrs. Lindmark does a fabulous job creating this character. This character may not "physically" be through out the book, however, the lasting effects of this character last all of the way through. This is a great book in which the main character travels a long road to shake the lasting effects of her father's zealot behavior. She has many hard decisions to make in a short time, however, she does find that she is a strong person and can handle what life brings.  Kindle Customer

The Christmas Derailment

ISBN-13: 978-1944174453


     Martin Cross hasn't taken a real vacation in six years, not since before he started his own firm.  The closest he ever came was going home for Christmas, which if one wanted to be technical, that was all this was, but he was doing it in style, a private sleeper car from Seattle, Washington, to Topeka, Kansas.  Four days of rest and relaxation, traveling by train, but as so often happens, fate had other plans.  When a run in with a gang member in the train station leads to angry words and an unexpected accident occurs, followed by a trip to the ER, his plans are shattered for going home for Christmas.  But maybe, with the help of a stranger, he might just make it.

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The Eye of the Storm

ISBN-13: 978-1944174415

     Well, enough was enough.  Sid has finally had it.  He was tired of war, tired of being just another beat cop, and he was definitely tired of big cities with a high crime rate.  He couldn't take it anymore.  What he needed was a change, maybe in a small town he could finally find peace.  So, he started putting his name out there, but as job offer after job offer came back, it was starting to look like only big cities needed cops.  Until one morning, like a gift in his email, there was an offer to join the Donegal County Sheriff's Department with a population of two thousand, spread out over a thousand square miles.  That was exactly what he needed, a sleepy little county where nothing ever happened.

Fan review

     Five Star - I love that there are triumphs and defeats but that love really does conquer all. What an amazingly good story this is!  Kindle Customer

     Five Star - Good story line with strong characters. Loved references to actual towns in the panhandle and the medical references were spot on. This book captures true small town.  Kindle Customer


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